After flight delays, visa complications, and the sometimes tedious logistics of travelling from point A to B, there is nothing better to wake up in the lap of luxury at a resort on their A-game, and the Intercontinental's Sun Peninsula Resort in Danang is such a place. From a smooth check-in process complete with welcome beverages and a golf cart ride to my room, flopping on to the king-sized bed with its creamy linens was a moment of pure bliss. 

Included with my check-in materials was a lovely invitation for a cocktail meet and greet with the manager. After unwinding with a luxurious bath with the HARNN amenities provided, I stopped by the gathering. It was such a lovely touch from sprawling resort that can seem almost overwhelming to navigate on first arrival. The cocktails and hors d'oeuvres were tasteful and delicious and the manager made a point of personally chatting with each guests, another classy act. Before getting some much needed sleep, I ordered breakfast in bed for the following morning. 

The breakfast spread arrived right on cue the next morning with a sweeping setup of fresh watermelon juice, a generous selection of teas with a towering platter of fruit and pastries. Needless to say, I wasn't able to consume it all. It was a leisurely morning spent journaling, eating, shooting, solidifying plans for the next stops on this journey, and gazing out at the bay. I would have extended my stay without a doubt had there been any extra time on this trip.

The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring the grounds, visiting the spa, and taking in Vietnamese high tea at Citron before reluctantly calling the taxi to Danang Airport. 


InterContinental Hotel Danang Sun Peninsula Resort Bai Bac, Sontra Peninsula, Da Nang, Vietnam